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The 12 Point Guide: Camouflaging an NBFC to an MFI

 The Rules of the Game:


1.     Rename the NBFC to some ethnic-Hindi name meaning and/or Progress,Happiness,Development,Light,Opportunity…

2.     VOW never to refer your operations as business BUT always as “Program/Program Outreach..”

3.     Re-Write on the website/print brochures your firm’s vision, focusing only on “alleviating poverty/improving livelihoods”

4.     Re-Brand existing loan products by affixing/prefixing/suffixing “micro” to them

5.     Edit your reporting style. Refer to Assets as “Borrowers/Micro Loans/Program Outreach”

6.     Rating – get the NBFC rated by a rating co. specializing in MFI ratings, just for the heck of it !

7.     Partner with some renowned technical advisory firm, just for the heck of it !

8.     Obtain a Membership of some industry association of Microfinance, just for the heck of it !

9.     Attend ALL industry events – seminars, conferences etc

10.   Appoint a sector specialist debt advisor to help you raise debt from commercial banks, he will try to position you well. 

11.   Approach VC firms for possible equity dilution (they’ll prefer you over “not for profit” firms, anyway !)

12.   Send periodic emails to the entire sector regarding the above, periodically, refer to them as milestones !





RBI puts a temporary halt on Mobile Payment Services

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In a significant decision, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has restrained banks in launching their mobile payment services Read the rest of this entry »

SBI ( Read: 10,000+ branches / 8400+ ATM’s) to hire 3000 loan officers

The country’s biggest lender SBI is planning to hire 3,000 marketing and recovery officers ( for the position of Officer (Marketing and Recovery) for its rural operations on contractual basis) in its second such recruitment drive in less than a year, this time for its rural operations,across India.
SBI had announced in October 2007 plans to hire 3,000 marketing and recovery officers. Besides, these officers would also market the bank’s products, conduct pre-sanctioned survey, file applications and verify the documents. While the emoluments being offered in the latest hiring drive could not be ascertained, in its October announcement the bank had said these officers would be given a compensation package of Rs (2) two lakh per annum.
Source: TOI

PS: This is a potential alternative career opportunity for MFI loan officers, which are aplenty ( with maybe some/most of them possibly poorly paid and have no access to statutory benefits like Provident Fund, Insurance etc ?? ).



332, This is what i call Inclusive Gluttony !!

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