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Mumbai meri jaan ( Bombay, my love)


Last night watched Mumbai Meri Jaan (Bombay, My Love) at PVR Europa (where the seats are unergonomic and the hall is perenially full of popcorn smell stench)


The Movie was superb – Must Watch.  It’s India’s Crash. The movie salutes the indomitable spirit of Mumbai.


Soha Ali Khan’s best performance till date, she essays the role of a journalist reporter for some News Channel, who thinks nothing before shamelessly thrusting mikes into the faces of the bereaved, at all/any tragedy, with that infamous question many Indian reporters love asking to gather “sound bites”:aapko kaisa mehsoos ho raha hai (How do you feel right now?)”, till her fiancé is killed in the blasts, and she is faced by the same query from a colleague.


Irfan Khan is brilliant as the “poor man”, frustrated with the city’s attitude, vends tea on his bicycle for a living and decides to teach the city a lesson


Paresh Rawal’s best performance till date, I think he lost some 15 kgs for this role of a police man about to retire in 7 days.


Madhavan and Kay Kay Menon are simply brilliant.  Madhavan loves Mumbai, travels by local trains as they are – cheaper, faster and “ecological”


PS: I am looking forward to watching Amitabh Bachhan “In and As”  Rituparno Ghosh’s “The Last Lear