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The Madhya Marg Oscar Film Festival

Spent the last weekend (21st-22nd Mar 09) watching some absolutely great cinema, back to back – The Reader, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Valkyrie and The Revolutionary Road.

1.> The Reader – certainly Kate Winslet’s best performance till date, she also won an Oscar for this role. She brilliantly essays the role of a tram conductor who falls in love for ‘one’ summer with a several years younger teenager and engages amongst other things, a romantinc cycling holiday, enagaging in passionate lovemaking, reading sessions from Tintin to Homer’s Odyssey …….. only to disappear one day and reappear seven years later facing the court for her role in the death of ~300 people as a former SS guard. Meanwhile the kid grows up and practices law. She is convicted for life where the “kid” reads and  records literary masterpieces and dispatches them to her in jail…………….Wont reveal the plot anymore……….. must watch (5/5)

2.> The Revolutionary Road – Outstanding performance by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet……….(4/5).

3.> The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Too long. Must watch for the last 30 minutes where Benjamin continues growing younger till the last scene where both look into each other’s eyes. (3/5)

4.>Valkyrie – Good, Great story adapted from history. Tom Cruise is brilliant. (4/5)

However, it is The Reader which floored me completely, Must Watch, immediately before it goes off the multiplexes to make way for some ‘full of songs and dance sequences’ Bollywood film.