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The Reasons to visit Goa

I visited Goa this long weekend 15-18th Aug 08…….Great Food, Superb Climate, Pristine Beaches, Excellent Acco…………………The Reasons to visit Goa :
1.> For a change there is no “Dosa or Idli Sambar” on the menu of standard shacks/eateries. Instead one gets to savour brilliant continental fare and/or a rich fusion of regional konkanese/goan fare. All of it cooked only once it has been ordered and not shamelessly scooped out of deepfreezers, microwaved and served to hungry undiscerning tourists.
2.> The goan patesseries are brilliant serving brilliant puffs and pasteries. I also discovered some pizzeria’s (Blue Tao, enroute Anjana Beach) using clay-stone ovens fired by local goan timber where i had some great thincrust pizzas topped with local goan goat cheese, mushrooms and cherry tomato paste. The only place to rival these pizza’s are the ones at Drift, Gurgaon
3.> There are enough beaches, all of them pristine. I prefer Anjuna, Baga and Candolim. None of these beaches are littered with empty bottles of mineral water packaged drinking water and empty packs of Greasy Potato Wafers. The water is clear.
4.> The climate is brilliant, I loved it when it rained and then the sun appeared, it again rained and then the sun appeared, it again rained and then the sun appeared…………………………
5.> Goa was just an hour’s flight from Mumbai / 12 hours by a genuinely comfortable Volvo ride which passes through the beautiful Sahyadri Range, Orchards of Alphonso, Pomengrante and Custard Apple throughout the landscape
6.> There are ample of good accomodation options – serving the various categories of the SEC. The closer to the beach the better.
7.> Mobility – Once can hire a Honda scooter or bike to discover the beautiful state. Every second shop sells petrol, incase you need to refill
8.> The Goan/Portugese architecture is simply beautiful, a visual treat.

and the list goes on…………..Recommending, GOA.